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13th July 2013

3:47pm: Has it Been Almost a Year?
Sorry for such LJ neglect. Things haven't changed too much, though. Still at the assisted living place. Still tired and not really doing too much, but I'm pleased enough. Single again, and it's not an issue for me. Have myself some play-mates, Haha.

Really, not much to report now. Birthday and have to work tonight. Have had a good last couple days w/ a visit from my WV play-mate. Big steak dinner mini get together w/ Artic, Archy and Tora, and Chris. Have since moved out of Spi's, in w/ Chris and new roommate, Jaz (who has since been the best roommate at this place of the other 3 we've had since).

Mm.. Yeah. I'll try to update more again. I miss ranting and updating. :laughs:
Current Mood: calm

23rd August 2012

1:03pm: Holy Hell, it's Been Wild
Ah, the roller coaster of life continues. Relationship is up and down, but we're holding steady at the moment, so that's good news. BS w/ another person that started well, ended in tragedy. Out of my life now, it seems. Yay there. Work is... alright, actually. New coordinator is actually listening to me, fixing things w/ my lazy co workers, things are going well, plus if I wanted to apply to a GameStop, I could have a job there. May look into a small part-time job there. I do like discounts and swag. :laughs: Looking into going to a few conventions kinda soon-ish, between now and November. Luckily, I make my schedule, I can get around this...

Oh! Had my b-day since. I'm old now. Only gift were tickets to see Epica when they come to L-ville in November! I'm rather pleased w/ that.

Really, I've been rather busy w/ the daily humdrum of work and sleep. Not enough outing times, y'know? So if I do get another part time job, cut back the hours at sunrise a bit, maybe have time to enjoy life again! Well, depending on duties at the GS, and potential pay, I could switch over to the day life again, who knows!? We will see, right? Hope everyone else is doing grand.
Current Mood: awake

9th March 2012

5:45pm: Hm
What is it that I do wrong? Seriously? :shrugs:
Current Mood: apathetic

21st February 2012

3:00pm: Update.
Making my way back to MA tomorrow. Will be there for a week.
Pretty unexpected and impulsive, but it's a good thing, I think. I need to go back home for a bit. I need a break from everything here.
What caused such an impetuous trip...Collapse )
Current Mood: apathetic

13th January 2012

6:45am: Happy New Year n' Stuff
It's a new year. Full of new and wonderous possibilities.

But so far, it's just he same suff over and over. Work is hellacious. We have another new coordinator, who has been giving (specifically me) more bs to do on the job than a cattle rancher. Everyday she wants me to do something new that isn't normally on our to do list that any other shift could and should be doing before third shift even gets there. It has been a stressful year so for there. My social life is still lacking, but that's not new. My relationship is everywhere on the ups and downs rollercoaster. Spi has a new house we are going to eventually move into. My mom is dating and has someone new living in the house. It has been crazy.

Finally had our first real snowfall here. I wonder how my car will hold up. But to compliment the cold snow we had yesterday, I ended up w/ some sort of allergic reaction that went on for hours that made my body look like I was sunburned. Had to call in b/c of how much pain it caused.

So here's to a new year. It can only go up from here!
Current Mood: blah

17th June 2011

8:58am: Oh, it's You...
It seems my entries are getting farther in between... I feel bad about, more or less, dropping off the planet, but I assure you I am here. I apologize to anyone and everyone who tries to get a hold of me and I cannot/do not return to the world of social interaction. :chuckles:

Anyway! Time for a quick update:

Work is going... well enough. I am full time, I've been promoted to medication care manager, which means I'm able to pass out narcotics/medication. It comes w/ a small raise, and extra work. I feel a bit under appreciated there, as of late. My coordinator makes no effort to talk to me, pass along important information, promote me to lead care manager (but give me the responsibilities of one? How is that fair?), and change around the schedules I make for third shift (that she tells me to make, which is a lead responsibility. But if you're going to change it, why bother having me make it anyway?). I feel quite a bit over worked, as I work close to ten days straight before getting days off, but that should hopefully be changing. We should be getting more workers, and that is spectacular... from a scheduling standpoint.

Social life is virtually non existent. I got to go out last Sunday to see friends, and that's about the extent of it all. I will say, what social life I have happens to be rather exciting and some of it should be written into a "Days of Out Lives" story arc. :laughs: However, I sleep, I work, That's about it. It's sad, I know. Hopefully, I can build up more vacation hours. I'm up to a day and a half! Ooh~ But to get those hours, that means I have to work more. Oh, what a twisted little circle that is.

Alas, sleep beckons me and I cannot resist it's call. Here's hoping I can be seen/talked to more.
Til then. <3
Current Mood: Zzzz...

17th April 2011

11:14am: Retun Update
Dear Journal (and you better write back this time!),

Back from my stepfather's funeral in MA. Not really much to report on there. You want to know more, feel free to ask. Basically, I stayed w/ family. I think it was for the best. I do worry about mom. My lil bro, not as much, but we'll see. He seems fine. I'll have to call more often and check on them. Speaking of my lil bro, funny story, to be told later.

Back home in KY. Where I work is amazing. They collected money for me to help pay for plane ticket, due to I was still under my 90 days and couldn't get the "Good Samaritan" fund that would pay for it all. T'was awful sweet. Otherwise, I'm back into the swing of things here in KY. Sadly, I keep missing social outings due to my need for sleep/3rd shift work. It's not like I want to miss these, I do hope to actually get to see people again! Here's hoping there is another outing soon that I can make!

Not too much else. But I plan on making another small update soon. So keep waiting on baited breath for such an event!
Current Mood: okay

24th January 2011

12:36pm: Well, Hi there,
Things here have been busy lately. Work has had me at all early hours, so I'm only on at late or extra early o'clock. Luckily(?), I have some time off, so hopefully I can catch up w/ some people. However, there is a good possibility that I'll have myself another job w/in the next week. I'm excited about that. More stable hours, better pay, maybe working w/ a friend, all pretty nice deal. Downside, social life may start to lack again, as they need third shifters.
But other news: Got to stay w/ a friend who visited from MA in an Indiana villa. Awesome fun there. W/ that, got to drive my first "big" distance in my car, and first trip to the casino.
Missed a friend I met in NY due to work issues. Kinda feel bad about that.
Started going out w/ someone totally by accident. Not sure there, but it seems to be going alright so far. Totally breaking up w/ them in two weeks, as they are a Green Bay fan and I'm a Steelers fan. :laughs: Along w/ that, it never fails: Find someone to date, and that's when others decide to pop up (that aren't states away) that I could do date-like w/. Thanks life. Couldn't have given that to me some months back, could you? :laughs: Oh well.
Other than that.. Not too much else. Work has had me. But I'm going to enjoy the slight break from it.
Otherwise, I'm going to try to update maybe a bit more often. :laughs: I haven't been keeping up here all that well. Alas.
Current Mood: awake

10th December 2010

7:40am: Time to Ramble On
I'm a bit drunk so whatever. =P

RantingsCollapse )

Otherwise, I can't complain too much. Things are relatively decent. Not too bad! =3
Current Mood: drunk

28th November 2010

10:25pm: Work Update
So I am overnight stock at Toys R Us. Not a bad deal. Chill work environment, cool people to work w/, plenty to keep me busy. I'm getting pretty beat up, but it's not bad.
The night schedule is nothing terrible, but it saddens me that seeing people is a bit more difficult as my morning is night/evening for others. But on days off, or what have you, I'll do my best to get up and see people if there are events or something.
Job is seasonal, w/ a possibility on going permanent, but I shouldn't hold my breath (or so I've been told). But at least it's a paycheck for now, and more experience to throw on my resume.
Current Mood: calm

22nd November 2010

6:37pm: Sooo.
Job has been acquired. More later.
Current Mood: good

15th November 2010

4:28pm: A Quick Update
Sadly not much has changed. Still on the job hunt, still single, still surviving. Really, it's not all that bad. All I'd want to change is the job thing right now. Still have a few prospective places that may call back. If nothing, then it'll probably be off to Target or Wal*Mart w/ me, only to get myself a paycheck while I job hunt. Not at all where I'd want to be, but it's something, right?

Trying out Skype. I have a whole one friend, :laughs: but so far it's pretty neat. That is when you don't have roommates throwing random stuff in front of the camera. Skpe name same as this one, or AIM. =P Add me and chat w/ me sometime.

That's about it. Here's hoping I'll be full of better news next time!
Current Mood: okay

1st October 2010

9:10pm: Fucking Awesome
Don't need to worry about long distance anymore. Single again. Fucking Hell.
1:25am: Not a Good Start to the Month
I hate long distance relationships.
I hate no one hiring me.
I hate having little money.


Optimism can only last so long.
Current Mood: blank

25th September 2010

8:36pm: The Positive Things Going On
This week, I have sent out a bunch of resumes, along w/ applications. Quite a few positive responses. I'm going to make some calls/visits Monday. I also have gotten my car looked at. It's going to be an expensive fix on my brakes (as the person who had it before did a lot of nothing on the brakes). However, it's looking alright. At least I won't crash due to brake failure, right? Today, I was just at Amanda/Amethyst's wedding. It was just about the perfect day for it. I send my best to her and her new husband.. Tomorrow, I may be going out to see friends.

It has been a productive week. I hope this next week is just as productive.
Current Mood: good

23rd August 2010

7:12pm: How Uplifting!
Gotta fix up my car, then I'll be able to explore. Huzzah!
Current Mood: excited

6th August 2010

11:05pm: Worth Sharing

Something similar but w/ a few more/omitted songs found HERE

I'll get a real update later.
Current Mood: amused

18th July 2010

5:49pm: Jobless
Flabby's had shut down as of Saturday (and I just found out via a phone call today).

That's cool. (sarcasm) At least I got a phone call this time, or I would have gone in tomorrow and just sat there not knowing that no one's going to open the doors. Can't say I'm too surprised. They were cutting my hours, business was down (but I attributed that to the idea that no one wanted to come in b/c we had no air conditioning or any air flow for that matter). But I was hoping to finish, at least, the rest of the summer. Oh well.

Time to get me some unemployment and go job hunting again.
Current Mood: Meh?

14th July 2010

3:50pm: B-day
T'wasn't bad at all. Got my tattoo, which hurt a lot. Still needs some touch-ups, so I'm not done w/ the joy of needles in my back yet. Went to eat at The Spaghetti Factory. Not nearly enough food for me, though.

Simple day, not too much happened, but I'm fine w/ that.

Thanks to all those who came out to see me and sent me B-day wishes. Big thanks to Miss Mer who did the most, w/ calling people and planning everything.
Current Mood: okay

8th July 2010

6:54pm: B-day Present
Tattoo. Awesome. I'm excited. Hopefully all goes well.
Current Mood: excited

23rd June 2010

7:03pm: What's Up
Been driving w/ the ever generous Kim/Bloodhound. I've been doing alright. Nothing great, nothing terrible. First time driving in 5 years, a car hit me. I thought that was funny.

Off to AC tomorrow. I still have to pack but that won't take long. I'm excited to see people. Bringing home a friend for a week following.

Not too much to report on. =P

30th May 2010

10:39pm: Goings On
This past week I was w/ Miss Michelle in SC w/ her and her family. We went to Fripp island, which is a fancy rent-a-condo/buy-a-house place by a beach, pool access, golfing, tennis, pretty much resort place. I had myself a rather good time there. It was relaxing just hanging around the condo, or going to the pool, going around the island to feed the deer. And, while I'm just fine and dandy w/ Michelle, I'm not a fan of her family... It was awkward. Her sister's husband is cool, but other than that, it was uncomfortable to hang around them.

I came back burnt on my shoulders to a heat wave in my house. Hopefully we will be getting ourselves an AC unit soon, maybe tomorrow. More news, my restaurant is having some troubles w/ the health inspector (as is all of the German Town restaurants, it seems). We'll see how that ends up on Wednesday.

My lil bro is asking me about AnthroCon. I am scared. He should not know about these things, nor would I really want to see him there, ever.

Speaking of AC, afterward, I'll be having the company of my boy-o for the week following. I am very much looking forward to the end of this month.

Tomorrow, work is closed and a few of my co-workers are going to clean up the place. I may go help... Maybe. But I plan on haircut and dinner at a friend's definitely.

And we're caught up.
Current Mood: hot

29th April 2010

10:52pm: Sure, Why Not?
1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you. (Or, you know, make one up.)
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you. (Well, maybe.)
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
9. Do a jumping jack.
10. Drink more Tea.
11. Tell you the time.
12. Reply with an amusing Youtube video

Y'all happy now?

27th April 2010

6:06pm: Today
First: Ganked from Dragoon, Prescribe me some of this.

Second: My cat's B-day. =O

Third: Super Street Fighter IV. So far, so good. I'm liking Juri. =D Doesn't mean I'm not still about them other characters!

Fourth: Bought a car. I need to practice driving, get a license (Haha), get some insurance and I'm good to go! Well, after a tune up, then I'm good to go!

Not a bad day today.
Current Mood: good

20th April 2010

2:52pm: Allow Me to Elaborate on What Happened.
Yesterday, after getting picked up from work and going out to eat w/ Spi and Miss Mer, we were on our way home from Bardstown. A person in front of us stops to turn left, we stop behind them, the guy behind us doesn't stop in time. My glasses and necklace come off, Miss Mer's glasses go flying behind her, her food hits the back of the driver's seat and Spi's seat breaks into a permanently slightly reclined position. The force of the car behind us causes us to hit the car in front of us. The cars that hit us and we hit look fine, other than a little paint scraping. Our car has some nice dents in the back bumper and the hood of the car being bent upwards on the right side.

Everyone else was alright, no real injuries except for Miss Mer and myself w/ our heads in a bit of pain and my lower back a bit sore (and still is). So we're all okay.

The car that hit us, the guy was in a rental car, so he had no insurance card or US license, which made the whole ordeal of getting things checked by the police last a lot longer than it should. But all should be okay. We got the accident report, Spi filled out the insurance claim and is waiting to hear back form his insurance. Maybe a new car is on the way..? :laughs:

But, yeah, all is okay and fine. No worries. =D
Current Mood: okay
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