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Allow Me to Elaborate on What Happened.

Yesterday, after getting picked up from work and going out to eat w/ Spi and Miss Mer, we were on our way home from Bardstown. A person in front of us stops to turn left, we stop behind them, the guy behind us doesn't stop in time. My glasses and necklace come off, Miss Mer's glasses go flying behind her, her food hits the back of the driver's seat and Spi's seat breaks into a permanently slightly reclined position. The force of the car behind us causes us to hit the car in front of us. The cars that hit us and we hit look fine, other than a little paint scraping. Our car has some nice dents in the back bumper and the hood of the car being bent upwards on the right side.

Everyone else was alright, no real injuries except for Miss Mer and myself w/ our heads in a bit of pain and my lower back a bit sore (and still is). So we're all okay.

The car that hit us, the guy was in a rental car, so he had no insurance card or US license, which made the whole ordeal of getting things checked by the police last a lot longer than it should. But all should be okay. We got the accident report, Spi filled out the insurance claim and is waiting to hear back form his insurance. Maybe a new car is on the way..? :laughs:

But, yeah, all is okay and fine. No worries. =D
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hope you and the others feel better. *massages* come on and chat, ok?